Whether she's single or married; whether she's the decision-maker or the primary influencer - have you wondered if you are doing the right things to attract and retain female prospects and clients?

Using methodologies that translate scientific, linguistic, and consumer research into practical and proven techniques, Majority Marketing shows clients how to appeal to the essential, yet still untapped market power of women.   Our services options provide clients with a complete solution - from analyzing and identifying gaps and opportunities, to recommending strategies and detailed implementation plans, and then bringing it full circle to training staff to ensure long term success.  

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        High Heel Audits - to define your opportunities and gaps

        Strategy Consulting - to design your best approach

        Training & Speaking - to ensure individuals are trained for success

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"Cristi, you know your topic and deliver it superbly. I like the way you provided theory, then tips and 'how-to's." (Majority Marketing Seminar Attendee, Peel Institute Conference)

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