“Thank you Cristi! My closing ratio immediately increased by over 30% after I implemented the recommendations that you provided in your Sales Presentation Audit for Financial Services Professionals. Your individual coaching has made an extremely positive impact on my business, and has helped me understand my female clients better, resulting in happy and loyal clients. Thank you for showing me how to grow my business by understanding the women’s market.”
Scott Boassaly, Investment Consultant
Investors Group

"I must confess I was a skeptic when I blocked an hour off a busy day to take in Cristi Cooke's seminar on marketing to women. I left thinking that this was one of the most productive hours I had spent in a long time. Cristi Cooke is smart, engaging and entertaining. She presents a clear, well-documented case for taking gender differences into account when establishing and maintaining business relationships with women- and best of all- she explains exactly how to go about doing it."
Guy David, Partner
Gowling Lafleur Henderson LLP

“Cristi understands women’s consumer behaviour and her expertise has helped me build my business to award-winning levels. Cristi developed marketing messages for my website, and through her training seminar she confirmed my strategic direction and introduced new tools and methods which have been instrumental to my success. In all of my dealings with Cristi, she has provided service well beyond my expectations. I recommend her to anyone serious about growing their business through servicing the untapped women’s market. Lastly, I enjoy working with Cristi because she shares the same philosophy that I do - to help other people grow their businesses.”
Sheldon Rice, CIM, FSCI
Investment Advisor, Canaccord Capital
2006 Forty Under 40 Award Recipient
2005 Ottawa Chamber of Commerce Business
Person of the Year Finalist

“Dear Cristi, In the past thirty-five years, I have heard and participated in hundreds of ‘presentations’ throughout North America by various sales and marketing experts. Your talk this morning was among the four best … not just from content and presentation (which were exceptional) but from a genuine desire and ability to inform and train in a manner that was easy to absorb and will be retained by your audience for, literally, many years of application and results.
Your clients have a tremendous resource and are very well served!”
John W David

“Cristi, thank you for your captivating presentation on the women’s market! You really brought a hidden business opportunity to light for our members. I heard very positive feedback from the audience, and in fact your presentation became a draw for our event, causing at least one conference exhibitor to purchase a booth just to be allowed in to hear you speak. Considering the positive audience feedback, it was well worth it.”
Sharon Davies, Manager
Kanata Chamber of Commerce

“After attending Cristi’s seminar, I implemented the advice she provided and experienced an immediate positive impact on my closing ratios. The slight adjustments I made to my communication style and approach has increased the trust and confidence that my female clients have in me. I am looking forward to attending another Majority Marketing seminar soon and building on this success.”
Jay Jay Roberts, Financial Service Representative
TD Canada Trust

“I received great information at Cristi's seminar about the difference in communication styles between men and women, and the resulting implications for selling to each of them. Once she points out the differences, it seems like common sense and should be obvious to everyone. But until she closes the loop for you, you don't realize how all the traits you chalk up to humourous stereotypes about the sexes has a very real impact on your business. Since her seminar, I have noticed the differences when communicating with female clients, and can now consciously tailor my approach to women clients and prospects based upon their unique communication styles.”
Matt Hutcheon, President
Vista Enterprises

“At Cristi Cooke’s ‘Marketing to Women’ training session, the minute Cristi spoke her first few words, she grabbed my attention, and kept it until the very end. Not only did she explain the purchasing power of women, but she also backed it up with statistics, and used real-life scenarios we could all relate to. During Cristi’s seminar, I found myself thinking “Aha!” on many occasions. Potential prospects can become loyal clients. It’s about being understood. And Cristi understands the importance of ‘Marketing to Women’. I highly recommend her training sessions.”
Coralee LeBlanc, President
RedAction Communication

“Great presentation style! Organized, confident, relational, gestures, enthusiasm, and a great sense of humour. Nothing phases you.”
Majority Marketing Seminar Attendee

Peel Institute, Toronto, Ontario

"Cristi's workshop on 'Marketing to Women' helped me to understand some of those subtle unconscious factors, that weigh heavily in decision making for women. It has helped to improve my sensitivity, in working with women both professionally and personally."
Jeremy O'Krafka, National Manager
Canadian Association of Career Educators and Employers (CACEE)

“Cristi, you know your topic and deliver it superbly. I like the way you provided theory, then tips and ‘how-to’s.”
Majority Marketing Seminar Attendee,

Peel Institute, Toronto, Ontario

“Clear, articulate, and entertaining. Plus, I learned a lot”
Majority Marketing Seminar Attendee,

Peel Institute, Toronto, Ontario

“Your presentation reinforces some thoughts and impressions I had, and destroys others! Good food for thought. I enjoyed all of it. Well done!”
Majority Marketing Seminar Attendee,

Peel Institute, Toronto, Ontario

“As a woman, I thought I had a step-up to gaining a woman’s business. Facts told me I that I need to work just as hard.”
Majority Marketing Seminar Attendee,

Peel Institute, Toronto, Ontario



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"Cristi, you know your topic and deliver it superbly. I like the way you provided theory, then tips and 'how-to's." (Majority Marketing Seminar Attendee, Peel Institute Conference)

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