Companies come to Majority Marketing with the following challenges and questions:

  • We would like our salesforce to have more confidence in networking with, marketing to, and selling to women.
  • We've discussed the opportunity of marketing to women, but we don't have a strategy.  Meanwhile, our competition seems to be moving forward.
  • We know the women's market is a large untapped opportunity in our industry, but we just don't know where to start.
  • We have developed a 'women's initiative' in our company, but it is too narrowly focused and has only held a couple of luncheon events.  How do we really capitalize on the group without creating a huge workload?
  • We have anecdotal evidence to suggest that we have an untapped women's market in our industry.  We'd like to know exactly where the market opportunity is.

Majority Marketing has trained and/or consulted to professionals within the following companies:


          Financial Services

          RBC Investments

          RBC Insurance

          TD Waterhouse


          CIBC Wood Gundy

          Investors Group

          Legal Services

          Gowlings Lafleur Henderson

          Canadian Bar Association


          Rogers Wireless Express


         Ottawa Centre for Cognitive Therapy


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"Cristi, you know your topic and deliver it superbly. I like the way you provided theory, then tips and 'how-to's." (Majority Marketing Seminar Attendee, Peel Institute Conference)

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