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Strategy Consulting

Whether you want to refine a current marketing to women strategy, or you've recently identified the women's market as an opportunity but not sure what to do next - we can help.  Majority Marketing identifies your core strengths and competitive differentiators to uncover opportunities lying dormant for you in the women's market. 

We start by analyzing market opportunities in your industry, evaluating your company's core strengths and challenges, benchmarking the competitive environment, and then developing realistic strategies and tactics to attract, retain, and increase sales to women.

Our Strategy Consulting services help you...

  • Develop a marketing to women strategy without alienating men
  • Define which segments of the women's market are most lucrative for your company
  • Leverage a positive position in the women's market using your core competencies and competitive differentiators, and overall branding
  • Identify areas of business that need strategic attention
  • Identify which initiatives will provide the best return on investment
  • Build a coherent strategy that considers marketing, sales, pricing, product design, and market research programs
  • Understand how the women's market in your industry might evolve, and how to keep up

Every Strategy Consulting client has unique needs.  Our process may involve:

  • competitive benchmarking
  • client research (focus groups, secondary research)
  • executive interviews
  • strategic planning frameworks and documents
  • implementation schedules
  • planning meeting facilitation
  • training

Contact us to find out how our consulting services can help you define your strategy to capitalize on North America's most untapped market

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"Cristi, you know your topic and deliver it superbly. I like the way you provided theory, then tips and 'how-to's." (Majority Marketing Seminar Attendee, Peel Institute Conference)

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