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High Heel Audits

Are you new at targeting the women’s market, and need some ideas and direction to start yourself on the right path?

Are you considering a new direct mail piece, a new seminar for women, a new client event, or other tactic…..but don’t have all the details figured out and not sure whether it will succeed in attracting women and their families?

……if so, you are ready for a High Heel Audit.

What is a High Heel Audit?

A High Heel Audit is a one-on-one session focused on providing recommendations for you, your business, your idea (even if it’s just in your head) of how to market and sell to women and their families.

There are two levels of High Heel Audits:

  1. Strategic/Series: You need a complete strategy, concept, or plan audited.

For example: an entire website, a business plan, a12-month tactical plan, a seminar to target women, an advertising series

  1. Single Piece:  You need one specific piece audited.

For example: a single advertisement, a direct mail piece, a new product or service description, or a cold-call script

How a High Heel Audit works:

  1. Decide what you want me to Audit
  2. Send me the materials/idea in advance of our call (I prefer one week)
  3. I review what you send me, and email you an outline of my recommendations – what you missed, where you are exactly on-track, where you need to change, and any details or high-level strategy you are missing.
  4. We schedule a 60-minute phone call to discuss the recommendations.  We get into as much detail you need, to ensure you are totally clear on your next steps right after our phone call.  My goal is to set you up to move forward with confidence, the second we get off the phone.

Your High Heel Audit session includes:

  1. A complete review and audit of your ideas, materials, or plans.
  2. A Word document outline of my recommendations, with my key points and examples, sent in advance of our call.
  3. A 60 minute discussion and review of my recommendations – why, how, and other discussion you need to take the next step as soon as our session ends
  4. An MP3 recording of our call emailed to you
  5. Pricing:
    1. Strategic/Series High Heel Audit: $450+GST
    2. Single Piece High Heel Audit: $125+GST

Still Wondering if You Should Go Ahead and Book a High Heel Audit?
Hear what other clients say about my advice:

“Thank you Cristi! My closing ratio immediately increased by over 30% after I implemented the recommendations that you provided.”

Scott Boassaly, Investment Consultant
Investors Group

"Thank you for making an absolutely phenomenal impact on my business.  I incorporated several of your suggestions and found that your tools work like a charm, particularly when dealing with couples."

Andrew Branch, CFP, PFP; Investment & Retirement Planner
RBC Investments

"One of the most practical presenters I’ve experienced, her content, ideas, and thought process provided us with a ‘toolkit’ to show our Directors exactly what to do.  The material is very easy to apply."

John Davidson, Vice-President, Wealth & Estate Planning Group
Freedom55 Financial

"Since working with Cristi, my revenue has increased by at least 30% this year"

Samantha Lie, Investment & Retirement Planner
RBC Investments

“After attending Cristi’s seminar, I implemented the advice she provided and experienced an immediate positive impact on my closing ratios.”

Jay Jay Roberts, Financial Service Representative
TD Canada Trust

“Cristi’s…expertise has helped me build my business to award-winning levels.”

Sheldon Rice, CIM, FSCI
Investment Advisor, Canaccord Capital
2006 Forty Under 40 Award Recipient
2005 Ottawa Chamber of Commerce Business
Person of the Year Finalist

 “Cristi … delivered well-researched, powerful facts and examples to demonstrate exactly how male and female lawyers can best tap into the women’s market.  Highly recommended.”

Susan Clarke, National Director of Professional Development

To find out how cost-effective and results-oriented our High Heel Audits are, please Contact Us.

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"Cristi, you know your topic and deliver it superbly. I like the way you provided theory, then tips and 'how-to's." (Majority Marketing Seminar Attendee, Peel Institute Conference)

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